Last Modified: November 2013

A. General

ADPC Inc., (“ADPC”) and its affiliates provide a variety of information, Internet, network, security, and technology related services (“Services”) and products (“Products”). ADPC has formulated this Refund and Return Policy (“RRP”) in order to ensure the appropriate understanding and compliance to merchantability, warranty, and ADPC RRP procedures by our customers, our customers’ customers, members or end-users, and any other parties (collectively, “Users”) who use or access the Services or the Products.

All Users must comply with this RRP. ADPC reserves the right to change this RRP from time to time and will notify Users by posting a revised copy of the RRP on the ADPC Web site. By using or accessing the ADPC Services or Products, Users agree to be bound by the terms of this RRP. Any indirect or attempted violation of this policy by or on behalf of a User, and any actual or attempted violation by a third party on behalf of a User, shall be considered a violation of the policy by the User and the User shall be held directly accountable therefore.

B. Return and Exchange Period

  • Eligible Products must be returned within 15 days of original purchase date
  • Eligible Products must be returned at buyer’s expense in their original unopened, unaltered, and undamaged condition

C. Exclusions

ADPC reserves the right to deny any return or exchange and explicitly excludes the following:

Sale Items

Only regularly priced items may be refunded or returned.  Unfortunately, sale items, discounted items or special items cannot be returned or refunded.


Services are not Products.  Services including but not limited to: Ready-To-Go-Compliance (“RTG”), custom computers, preloaded and configured software, and Easy EncryptionTM are ineligible for return or refund.

Software and Media

Software purchased on-line through our website is considered opened at the time of purchase.  Software purchased as part of our Ready-To-Go (RTG) service is considered opened and installed immediately after purchase and is ineligible for return or refund.

1. Boxed Software

Returns and exchanges of boxed Software will be honored for fifteen (15) days from the date of purchase, provided the item has not been opened, installed, or altered from its original state and does not show wear or damage.

2. Product Key Cards

The Product Key card and associated PIN cannot be replaced or refunded if it has been opened, tampered with or activated.

A product key card can be returned as a standalone item when purchased directly from ADPC in the last fifteen (15) days, provided it has not been opened, altered, installed, or damaged.


ADPC sells only special-order, custom-configured computers, laptops, and devices.  Non-defective hardware is ineligible for return or refund.

1. Defective Hardware

Defective hardware is eligible only for repair or replacement at ADPC’s discretion and provided that the terms and conditions of our RRP are met – including but not limited to the issuance of an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) by ADPC.

The original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) warranties apply.

D. Billing Policy

User agrees to pay all fees for any work, consultation, provision of Services, and Products which ADPC provides to them in accordance with ADPC’s current pricing.  Absolutely no refunds, returns or exchanges will be accepted or processed until all accounts payable by the User to ADPC are fully settled.

E. Charge Backs

User agrees all Charge Backs and requests for refund, return, or exchange on Products or Services provided by ADPC shall adhere to and be governed by the ADPC Refund and Return Policy (RRP).  ADPC prefers working with Users to amicably resolve disputes rather than seeing a Charge Back.  User agrees that a maximum amount of fifty (50) percent of the fees charged to the User for the Services or Product associated with a Charge Back can ever be reimbursed to the User.  User also agrees that a seventy-five (75) dollar fee per charge back will be charged as a separate charge for each Charge Back that Client issues.

F. Exchanges

Products may be exchanged for the same make and model Product if they are received defective or damaged as new from our shipper.  Failure to follow section Return Procedure of the RRP will forfeit and void all claims against ADPC for liability, merchantability, warranty, return or refund.

G. Return Procedure

To initiate return by Users we require a receipt or proof of purchase dated within fifteen (15) days of your request.  In order to process User’s return, User must FIRST contact us and request an RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization).  Failure to obtain an RMA prior to Products return will forfeit and void all claims against ADPC for liability, merchantability, warranty, return or refund.

Users must not send Products back to the manufacturer!  ADPC is not liable or responsible for any action/s taken outside of our RRP and RMA process.

H. Shipping

User is responsible for paying shipping and insurance to return or exchange Products under RMA.  Shipping costs are non-refundable.  If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping may be deducted.  Depending on where you live, the time it takes for your Product to reach you may vary.  ADPC makes no guarantee we will receive your returned item and encourages the use of tracked and insured shipping.

I. Refunds

Refunds that may be applied are at the sole discretion of ADPC and will only be valid when User fully complies with both the RMA and RRP process.  If a refund is warranted and approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a reasonable amount of days.


All Product refunds must comply with section Return Procedure of the RRP and be recorded in our RMA system. ADPC will send you an email to notify you that we have received the returned Product and acknowledge your RMA. ADPC will also notify you of the disposition of your Product and any applicable refund.  Refunds will not be issued for items covered under manufacturer’s warranty.


Services are not Products.  Services including but not limited to: Ready-To-Go-Compliance (“RTG”), custom computers, preloaded and configured software, and Easy Encryption are ineligible for return or refund.  Once Services have been initiated or delivered, in whole or in part, full refunds are not available. User agrees Services are never fully refundable and cancellation fees may apply.

J. Easy Encryption

Easy EncryptionTM is a Managed Service provided by ADPC to supply Full Disk Encryption (FDE) as a subscription-based Service.  Easy Encryption is a Service, not a Product.  The Service including Software is licensed under subscription and assists the User in protecting the security of a single device per license.  Full refunds are only available if there have been no Services rendered to the User.

If within fifteen (15) days of purchase, ADPC determines Services are incompatible with User’s Device, ADPC will notify the User via our Support Center and initiate a refund request.  In order to process the refund, you must contact our Customer Service team 888.262.2808×0 with the Support Center ticket number.  Failure to obtain or provide the Support Center ticket number will forfeit and void your refund.  If within fifteen (15) days of Device upgrade by ADPC or User, ADPC determines Services are incompatible with User’s Device, ADPC will not provide a refund, however, ADPC will waive the cancellation (disconnect) fee.

The standard license term is one year, prepaid from the date User electronically agrees to purchase the Service.  Fees are established per device and contract term.  Unless otherwise contracted, User Services automatically renew 30-days prior to term expiration.

User agrees and it is understood that User elects to continue licensing the Software until explicitly terminated, and User is responsible for the fees as set forth for the contract period and by the payment due date.  User agrees no partial or pro-rated refunds apply for early termination or discontinued use of the Service.

User is licensed and authorized to use one copy of the software per license on a single device. If User wishes to transfer the software to a different device (e.g., computer or mobile device) User must comply with ADPC’s requirements for disabling, migrating, and activating the same license on the new device.

Payment is due on the first day of each month or year based on the terms of your purchase agreement. Failure to make timely payment will result in cessation of Services.  User agrees that a cancellation (disconnect) fee equal to 25% of the annual contract will be charged by ADPC and paid by User at the time of termination.

User may also be subject to additional fees, charges, and assessments related to late payments or non-payments if for any reason (a) ADPC does not receive from User any required payment for the Service by the payment due date or (b) User pays less than the full amount due for the Service. Furthermore, in the event that ADPC suspends User’s Service due to late or non-payment, ADPC may require User to pay a reconnection fee. This fee is in addition to all past due charges and other fees. Reconnection of the Service is subject to our credit policies, the Terms of Service, and applicable law.

K. Tracking your Refund

If you believe you haven’t yet received a refund due, first check with your bank account or credit card company.  It may take some time before your refund is officially posted.  After verifying the absence of your refund with your depository agent you may request a status update by contacting ADPC.

L. Warranty

All Products and Services sold by ADPC – with the exception of Easy Encryption – are supported through the original equipment manufacturer’s warranties.  If you experience a performance issue or have problems with a Product or Service, including but not limited to the following, you must contact the manufacturer for support on computers, hardware, software, printers, and accessories.


(End – Refund and Return Policy)